Grape production is one of the oldest agricultural activities. There is a huge number of grape varieties worldwide used for the manufacture of wine (and its byproducts), raisins, and vinegar as well as for table consumption. Grapes have a known antioxidant and anticancer activity and are particularly cherished by Mediterranean people since antiquity.

Italy is the largest producer in the world by volume and Spain ranks first by total area of cultivation.

Greece is very active in this sector with the total area of vineyards exceeding 1.2 million acres. Proportionally, this accounts for more than 3% of total agricultural land in Greece.

In Suntip, we are involved in the production of table grapes for the domestic and (mainly) the international markets.

Seedless Grapes

Grape production is central to Suntip's activities. In addition to loose, we offer the following packaging options to customers in the UK, German and Dutch markets:
  1. mixed 500g. (clamshell or open);
  2. 9k. bag;
  3. 1k. punnet;
  4. 4.5k bag;
  5. 4.2k punnet;
  6. 3.6k punnet;
  7. Snack-pack (200g).
We can further offer any customized packaging solutions.

We produce both red Ralli Seedless, and Crimson Seedless, and white Thomson Seedless varieties in areas across Greece, including over 100 hectares in Trikala and Gomfi as well as Katerini, Serres, Kria Vrisi and Tirnavos. At present time, Suntip is responsible for over 70% of Crimson production in Greece.

Seeded Grapes

The production of seeded grapes white Victoria variety is a new activity for Suntip as of 2011 – focused mainly on the domestic market. The grapes are produced in the areas of Corinth and Tirnavos.

Seeded grapes are mainly sold loose at present but potentially any packaging option is possible.