Suntip's packaging in Corinth, the center of Greek grape production has been designed in order to meet the long-term needs of the company, and already expansion plans in 2013 aim to maximize our refrigeration capacity by the addition of an extra 1000 sq.m. of available space.

Today the unit can process over 70 tonnes of produce in an 8h. shift in a modern, fully automated environment, totaling over 3500 sq.m. ensuring at the same time full control at every stage of the process.

Our existing infrastructure and the integration of the latest technological developments allow us to offer our products throughout the year, satisfying consumer demand.

The proximity of our facilities to the metropolitan area of Athens facilitates distribution and transport throughout our client base in Europe, underlining the company's strategy and its European orientation. Our production areas include:

  • Trikala, Thessaly
  • Corinth