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1. The following Terms of Use specify the terms and conditions surrounding use of this website, created and owned by "SANTIP SA", (established in Zevgolatio, Corinth), (hereinafter the "Company"). Users are requested to read carefully and visit / use the pages / services only after they fully accept them. Use implies acceptance of these terms.

2. Note to users: (a) any reference to Company products does not constitute encouragement or advice to perform any act with economic effect, enter into contractual dealings, or serve as assurance that these products are available in whole or in part (b) informational material provided through this website is not necessarily accurate or current, and may not be updated at the time of access or may have undergone alterations or interventions by third parties without the knowledge or consent of the Company and (c) users are called upon to confirm the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of any information available through this website.

3. The use of this website is intended solely for lawful purposes and in a way that does not restrict or impede its use by others. The user is obliged to act according to law, morality, and the present terms and to refrain from acts or omissions that may cause damage or malfunction of the website or to alter its content. The user must comply with minimum standards of conduct and refrain from actions which, although not criminal offenses, may offend the honor, reputation and character of other visitors / users of the site or may harm or hinder its operation.

4. The Company does not guarantee the availability, integrity or security of the site, its use thereof or access to it. Users are invited and expected, with their responsibility, to take all necessary measures to safeguard the security and integrity of their systems - the Company is not liable for any payment of user fees to third parties (eg internet service providers, charging timed access the web). Also, users are solely responsible for their own equipment with the necessary technological means to permit access to its services.

5. The content of this website is covered by copyright of the Company, unless otherwise indicated. The trademarks, logos, and the layout of the site constitute the intellectual property of the Company.

6. The whole or in-part copy, modification, republication, reproduction, or any exploitation of the information content of this website, is prohibited without the prior written consent of the Company - explicitly excluding only the one-off copy, storage, or republication of site elements based on the condition that the indication of origin of the material will not be removed and that they will not be used for commercial purposes without in any way infringing on intellectual and industrial property rights. Also prohibited by any user is the modification or change of security settings, architecture or layout of the website or the interference of any kind of the use or technical standards of operation.

7. The company strives for the smooth operation of the site from a technological perspective but in order for this website to function smoothly and be updated on a regular basis, periodic maintenance work is required, which may make it impossible to use the site at the time of performing such work. It is explicitly accepted by the users of this website that the Company will bear no liability for failure of user access to this website, for reasons stated above and / or due to the site's disruption by the Company for any other reason - the Company is not obligated to provide prior notice pertaining to these events. Also, the Company does not guarantee that the same or any other affiliated site or servers through which they are made available to users do not contain viruses or other harmful components, or that unauthorized individuals (hackers ) will not manage to intervene in the content of the site.

8. Any possible link to this site via special links (hyperlinks, banners, etc.) to any other website does not imply on the part of the Company any responsibility for the content of said website and the quality of products or services presented in it as well as the policy followed in that website regarding the protection of personal data while the Company does not guarantee access to that data. The provision of links is only for the convenience of the user and the Company has no control and does not guarantee, accept or approve the content of each link.

9. The Company makes every effort to prevent, deter or suppress illegal or improper actions of users of the site, but accepts no responsibility if, despite its efforts, a user of the site engages in an illegal or improper exploitation of the site. If a user's actions lead the Company in litigation with the person damaged or a fine by a competent authority, the user is required to take part in the trial as a procedural guarantor who is obliged in any case to compensate the company for every consequential damage, including legal fees.

10. Notwithstanding any specific provisions of these terms, any liability of the Company will be limited to acts or omissions of itself or its agents that within this website intentionally or by gross negligence. Users of this website are liable to the Company for any damage caused to it and / or any third party by non-respect of these terms.

11. The processing of personal data of users of this website is governed by the following conditions, the relevant provisions of the applicable law on privacy (Law 2472/1997 on the protection of individuals from the protection of personal data, as applicable, n 3471/2006, etc.) and the relevant decisions, guidelines and regulations for the Protection of Personal Data. At any time the user has the right to be informed or to object to the further processing of data under Article 13 of Law 2472/97 on the protection of personal data. Controller of your personal data collected through this Web site is the Company.

12. The Company through its website does not collect personal information from visitors for any reason. Subscription to the "newsletter" is optional and requires only the submission of an electronic address. The company undertakes not to use e-mail addresses of visitors collected in this manner, for reasons other than the distribution of the newsletters, or to share them with others. The newsletters sent by the Company may contain advertising messages or banners. Each e-mail enables the removal from the service.

13. These terms of use of this website are governed by Greek law, and responsible for resolving any such dispute is exclusively the courts of Athens, Greece.

14. The use of this website assumes and implies acceptance of these terms in their entirety. The Company shall be entitled at any time to change these terms of use, including Terms 11 and 12, and any changes will apply as soon as it is introduced to the web site.

15. If these conditions undergo substantial change, the Company will inform users through the its electronic pages.

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